Web Development using React

Module 1: HTML,CSS

HTML Basics, HTML Elements, HTML Attributes HTML style, HTML forms HTML form elements HTML Input Element types, HTML input Attributes, HTML file path, Script Tag and its uses.

CSS Introduction, CSS Syntax, CSS Selectors, CSS Styling.

Module 2: JavaScript

JavaScript basics, JavaScript Statement, JavaScript Keywords, JavaScript Functions, JavaScript Programs, JavaScript Operators, Function Parameters, Function Return Values. JavaScript data types Primitive Types.

Creating classes- Creating private/public/global fields, Creating private/ public/ global functions, Dynamic rendering with JavaScript, Events.

Module 3: React

Lesson 1: Welcome to starting with React

Introduction to React, What is React, how this course works, Preparing for React.

Lesson 2: React component

Section introduction, components basic, Component implementations, component composition Composition implementations, section conclusion

Lesson 3: React state and props

Section introduction, managing data in react, state and props implementation, section conclusion.

Lesson 4: React event handling

Section introduction, reacting to events, event handling implementations, section conclusion.

Lesson 5: Routing in React

Section introduction, applying routing, router implementations, more routing concerns, more routing implementations, section conclusion.

Lesson 6: Styling react

Section introduction, component level styling, applying style, flesh out characters, section conclusion.

Module 4: Node

Basics of Node and Installation, Introduction to Npm, Adding and removing modules

Module 5: React with node

Creating an application using Create React App.

Life Cycle, Debugging, Default values, Set State in depth, Creating Forms, Creating Table, Handling Events, Applying Filters, JSX in depth, Validations, Applying Styles, Backend calls, Stateful Components, Stateless Components, Local Storage, Routing, Basic Routing and Passing Params Hyperlinks, Master Pages, Reconciliation, Creating Reusable Components, React Component vs React pure Component, Composition vs Inheritance, Code Reusability and Optimization, Fragments, Bundling, Deploying.

Module 6: Amazon Web Server

Introduction to Cloud Computing:

Introduction to Cloud Computing, Essential Characteristics Of Cloud Computing, Service Models In Cloud Computing, Deployment Models In Cloud Computing, Introduction To AWS, AWS Account Creation &Free Tier Limitations Overview.