Advanced Web Programming

Module 1: HTML,CSS

HTML Basics, HTML Elements, HTML Attributes, HTML style, HTML forms, HTML form elements, HTML Input Element types, HTML input Attributes, HTML file path, Script Tag and its uses, HTML & XHTML

CSS Introduction, CSS Syntax, CSS Selectors, CSS Styling<./p>

Module 2: JavaScript & Oops concepts

Introduction to JavaScript, JavaScript Statement, JavaScript Keywords, JavaScript Functions, JavaScript Programs, JavaScript Operators, Function Parameters, Function Return Values, JavaScript data types, Primitive Types.

Object Overview, Object oriented programme, Object creation, Adding method to object, JavaScript conditional statement, JavaScript Loops & Iterations, Enumerating properties, Call-backs, JSON.

Module 3: Angular JS

Angular JS Basics, Angular Expressions, Filters, Directives, Controllers, Angular JS Modules, Angular JS forms, Scope, Dependency injection & services, Single page application, Routing, Angular JS Animation, Testing

Module 4: Mongo DB

Mongo DB(overview, Advantages & Environment), Mongo DB Data modelling, Mongo DB create collection, Mongo DB Data types, Mongo DB insert Document.

Module 5: Express JS

Express Js Basics, Express JS GET request, Express JS POST request, Express.JS Routing, Express.JS cookies management, Install cookie, import cookie-parser into your app, Define a root, Express JS cookies example .

Module 6: Amazon Web Server

Hosting your Express JS Application, Hosting your Angular JS Application.