Android Development


Module 1: Introduction to Android

History & version of Android, Programming language concepts, Library & framework, mobile application, Development (MAD).

Module 2: Core JAVA Concepts

Oops concept, Wrapper class, Typecasting and auto conversion, Inner class, Abstract, Interface, Threading, Exception, Collection framework, Lambda expression (JDK1.8 feature), files and stream

Module 3: Software Installation and Components

Android Studio Setup, Configuration Android Studio, Eclipse IDE Setup, ADT Plug INS Set Up, Android Emulator, Manifest File, R.Java, String.Xml, Main Activity. Java, Activity Main.Xml.

Module 4: Fundamentals of Android

Creating first Android Application, Testing of Application in Real Device, Activity Life Cycle.

Module 5: Basic UI Components

Toast, Text View, Button: Toggle Button, Radio Button, Radio Group, Check Box, Rating Bar, Seek Bar, Progress Bar, Edit Text and Its Types, Analogue Clock, Digital Clock, Time Picker, Date Picker.

Module 6: Advanced UI Components

List View, Spinner, Auto Complete Text View, Gallery, Gird View, Custom Views.

Module 7: Layouts

Linear Layout, Relative Layout, Grid Layout, Frame Layout, Table Layout, Coordinator Layout, Constraint Layout.

Module 8: Graphics

Canvas, Paint, Drawpaint (), Setcolor (), Set Style (), Rotate (), Drawtext ().

Module 9: Intent and intent filters

Introduction to Intent, Implicit Intent: Contacts, Browser, Map, Call.

Explicit Intent: Normal Switching, Switching With Data, Switching With Result Data.

Start Activity for Result (), Intent Filters.

Module 10: Fragments

Fragment manager, fragment transaction, adding fragment to back stack, list fragment, diglot fragment, working with tabs.

Module 11: Adapters

Array Adapter, Custom Adapter, Cursor Adapter.

Module 12: Menu Designing

Option Menu, Option Menu with Image, Context Menu, Popup Menu.

Module 13: Dialogs

Toast Dialog, Alert Dialog, Input Dialog, Data Dialog, Time Dialog, Progress Dialog.

Module 14: Resources

Overview Of Resources, Creating Resources, How to Use Resources, Drawable Resources.

Module 15: Multimedia

Image Operations: View Images, Capture Image.

Audio Operations: Playing Audio (Media Player), Back Ground Play, Foreground Play.

Video Operations: Playing Video, Capturing / Recording Video.

Module 16: Data Storage

Shared Preference: Session Management, Setting Management.

Internal Storage (Phone Storage), External Storage (SD Card)

Module 17: SQLite Database

What Is SQLite Database, Creating Database, CRUD Operations, and SQLite Open Helper Class, SQLite Database Class, Working With Cursors, Images Insertion, Image Retrieval, Document Insertion, and Document Retrieval.

Module 18: Content Provider

Sharing Data between Applications, Searching for Content, Adding and Removing Content, Working with Content Files.

Module 19: Broadcast Receiver

Basics of Broadcast Receiver, Implementation of Broadcast Receiver.

Module 20: JSON

What Is JSON, JSON Structure, JSON Object, JSON Array, JSON Vs. XML, HTTP Call In Android, Main Thread Vs. Background Thread, A Sync Task In Android, Models, Custom List View, Google’s GSON, Images Loading and Caching.

Module 21: Parsers

JSON Parsers, SAX Parsers.

Module 22: Web Services

Database Connectivity, Web Service Connection through PHP.

Module 23: Telephony API

Telephone Management, Get Call State, Call Stare Broadcast Receiver, Phone Call, Send Call, Send SMS, Send Email And Push Notification.